11 May 2023

2023 Graduation Party

Baylander Steel Beach restaurant

The Muhle Lab & Veenstra-VanderWeele Lab celebrate the graduation of their undergraduate students at the Baylander Steel Beach restaurant.

Lab members got together to have a picnic dinner along the Hudson River Greenway Trail. Our undergraduate students, Sam Dhanani, Esther Garfield, and Mahdia Begum will be graduating from Barnard College Class of 2023.

Sam has been an undergraduate researcher in our lab for 2 years, performing mouse behavior experiments. She will be continuing her projects in our lab while working as a research assistant.

Esther has been an undergraduate researcher for a year, employing various molecular assays. She will also be continuing her work in our lab as a research assistant.

Mahdia has been an undergraduate researcher in our lab for a year, performing histological assays on mouse brains. She will move on to work as a medical scribe in pursuit of medical school.

Thanks for being part of our team, Sam, Esther, and Mahdia!